NY Auto Show 2014


Audi A3. The TDI version is hmm interesting.

Audi R8: Did this car get more expensive?

Alfa coming back: cool idea, and probably better than that lotus you have.

New ‘stang: addresses all my main problems with the car, so I recommend it now.

New ‘vette: also addresses my only small problem with the car, but hey, it’s a vette.

Infiniti Q line: They only have the high end trims to show, so those are very nice, but also more expensive.

Didn’t see any Teslas

Maserati Ghibli: You know, it’s better than the cheap Mercedes, take that what you will.

New Mercedes crossover: Abunai!

My favorite has to be the Miata gallery, as Mazda displayed about a dozen of them from pre-production in 1989 to the new 25th anniversary edition (which is just like mine except with keyless entry and tacky black decaling, and some neat fog light kits).

My dad and I also unevoqually rated the Silverado as number one truck at entry level, partly because Ford’s new F150 is hands off still.