Japan bound again?

Too tentative, so more like I’m trying to aim for these:

All evens in Feb.

  • 2/14: land, im@s movie, probably Wald9.
  • 2/15: Yukarin SSA (tix confirmed), IM@S movie with cast greeting at Saitama Movix (tix confirmed)
  • 2/16: maybe ChanYui Event (day), KOTOKO new album tour @ Ikebukuro (night, tix confirmed), IM@S movie with cast greeting at Shinjuku Wald9 (tix confirmed)
  • 2/17: Spitz @ Omiya (tix confirmed)
  • 2/18: TBD, but likely RL duties
  • 2/19: TBD, maybe Kamakura/Enoshima
  • 2/20: TBD, maybe Kamakura/Enoshima
  • 2/21: TBD, im@s movie again maybe
  • 2/22: im@s SSA (round 1 lotto won), maybe Mouretsu Pirates movie greeting (lottery pending)
  • 2/23: im@s SSA (round 2 lotto won),┬áNon Non Biyori radio public recording (auction won), WUG handshake @ Akiba animate (to be confirmed, sold out), International IM@S P Offkai at Omiya
  • 2/24: return

In addition, want to hit up Kamakura/Enoshima once, and maybe Mount Takao once (not looking likely for this). I also have a ton of im@s movie tickets that needs to be used, so there’s a good chance we’ll see the movie more than once. [edit: lol like 3 times in 2 days?]

Will be tagging with paranda to go underground idol lives one day.