Congrats to bonnie & scott!

Congrats to joyce & jason!

Congrats to uh, me for going to a con just for a fan panel!

Perhaps one of the most busy weekend in my life, I was still able to write a blog post /3 days.

Didn’t really watch anime though. God my backlog. Skipping 4 days (thurs-sun) means basically skipping 90% of the anime airing that week, it is how bad it is this season.

Both weddings were relatively well done. I have to say joyce/jason’s wedding was strung up in merely 4 months and the end result exceeded expectations. A job well done by the girl who, at one point, wanted to manage weddings for a living.

Job well done even for Grandma, who is possibly on her last legs but still made it out in classic style to both the outdoors ceremony and the reception dinner!