Samsung Galaxy Nexus Verizon LTE Review

I bought this, it came via Amazon Wireless and it got to my place by Dec. 20th.

There’s a lot I could say but let me keep it real brief.

  • Screen is easy to scratch, so be careful.
  • It’s way too big. If I have issues navigating it with one hand, a lot of other people will too.
  • It’s fast? Yea it’s fast. Does it lag? It can. In fact at this point I think no android phone will escape this, just like you can make any PC lag.
  • Great screen, but I guess that is par for the course. Still kinda oversaturated though.
  • It’s not thick or heavy. And the flimsy build is not a real concern–the back cover is the thinnest and whimpiest back cover I’ve seen on a phone, but it gives a good hand feel once clipped in.
  • WTB a legit car kit.
  • I don’t see the point to the soft nav buttons if they’re lit all the time and that you can’t trade it out for screen real estate. Wallpaper and apps have to cut itself out of those number of pixels. The real benefit is just that when your phone is off, it looks like a cool slate. Except it isn’t even that cool since you still can see where the screen and camera is.
  • Never liked the way samsung placed the power button, but I’ll live.
  • Volume rocker is fine, although I tend to hit it accidentally if I don’t use a case.
  • Battery life is actually pretty good if you turn off LTE. Better than my N1.
  • LTE is fast when it works. It doesn’t always work I think. VZW 3G coverage is pretty solid though, so that has been a big help.
  • LTE on, it uses power like a laptop uses power. But it’s not going to drain even if you plug it into your car, unlike certain review used to claim.
  • ICS is awesome
  • The MTP thing is not a big deal, but it is a minor annoyance if you copy files to your phone all the time.

This phone is pretty okay, and like all previous Nexus phones nobody would buy this phone if it didn’t come with the latest version of Android and first-party support.