How 3/11/2011 changed my life

I wasn’t in Japan when the magnitude 9 quake struck its northeastern provinces. I was planning to, however, and if not for the disaster I might have been in Japan some point this year.

The consequences of that is most likely a delay on the house hunting, which not only means there’s a greater chance that I would have gotten an even lower interest rate (since I locked in, the interest rate has dropped by another 0.20-0.25% which is just :V) and more likely, not have purchased a house yet. I mean I was planning to spend some real money this trip. It would have put off the house thing if I went. And the place I bought would likely have slipped through simply because it’s a hot buy and would have gone off the market in a week.

This means I am kind of giving up on Japan this year. I also really need a vacation. These weekend-like trips just won’t do.

From a purely selfish perspective, it was a good idea to not go to Japan this summer, simply because it would have been hot, a lot of the electricity conservation effort meant still escalators and no AC. And Japan gets kind of hot and humid during summer. There’s a trip this winter that some people are going to, and it’s not yet too late to hop on that wagon. But in all likelihood I will be staying in and doing home improvement. I’d rather get a TV than an plane ticket at this point. And a better sound system than this Bose nonsense that I am left with.