Gadget Lust: pre-closing edition

With buying a house, the word is right that it means significant investment beyond the real estate (and associated closing procs). And let’s ignore the obvious targets: dryer, washer, dish washer, fridge, range, hood, or vinny’s fave: toilets. Bidets are kind of neat!

Obviously I’m talking home entertainment. So I figured a list is nice.

The house comes with 2 TVs. One is like, 32″ and the other looks like 42″. They don’t look too old, but they probably had a few years behind them. I think one of them is plasma. Anyways, neither looks like centerpiece material so let’s ignore that the options are there to do nothing.

The house has speakers wired throughout, including the deck. So it’s already wired up for some kind of central media system. It’s something to being doing research on, since I’m pretty nub in that area.

For TV, 47-55″ candidates are basically what’s going on. I’ll wait for this holiday season to fill that order.

And strangely I’m not very eager to shop for a receiver. I’ll probably just camel a couple candidates. Mainly because I guess I should be shopping for a 5.1 or 7.1 set, so I have a lot of options (some of those are great bargains).

I do need to pick up some kind of Verizon LTE device for the new commute. AT&T just doesn’t cut it on the NE corridor like this. Either a hot spot, a tablet, or wait until I transfer my account out from AT&T. Verizon has crap for data plans because of the new caps, so that’s $50/mo for the tablet and hot spot routes. If I just stick to a phone, I probably stand to save some money. And I could even look into Sprint?

Somehow I have this huge urge of wanting to buy a Sony NEX-C3 or NEX-5N. They’re probably the best on the market for “entry level”¬†interchangeable¬†lens camera kits. “Entry level” in quotes because it’s more like a hybrid between a point and shoot and a mid-range kit. That translate to potentially better PQ than a low-end DSLR like the Nikon and Canon kits many of my friends have. At least for now. I really like the form factor–I’d probably buy it with the kit prime lens or buy it with the zoom lens, and get a prime lens on the side.

Mo money mo problems!