Core Dump

Just to get some stuff out of my head and on paper–

A coworker passed away this Tuesday. He was young and healthy, and what took him was a bacterial infection. It struck him relatively suddenly; he was still at work last Friday and left early to go home, and then was carted off to the ICU later that day.

It’s tragic beyond these petty words, and my prayers go out to his family and friends, and the affected coworkers here. The whole start-up-ish mentality we have at work necessarily means those who’ve been with the company from the beginning or early on are really close to each other, and this guy was one of the more generically likable guys we have on the team. Plus the stuff he was doing at work is relatively irreplaceable!

Anyways, with that out of the way:

It was a lot of fun going out and drinking away at a yakiniku place. Too much fun perhaps. Definitely more fun than spending more money at Book-off. The only thing to make it better is to go at it @ karaoke.

Really busy these days. We really need to hire more people. If you want an exciting job working in QA working with some pretty cool folks (ie., me) let me know? I’d even give you a cut on the referral bonus lol. Because we really need more people. Probably 2 more headcounts. Basically looking for people with some software QA experience, who can get around in an unix environment. 2-3 years experience minimum, unless you are awesome. Well, at least for the first position. The second one can probably be an entry level thing, for new grads, etc.

Still making good use of V’s single dig, I hope he doesn’t mind (at all).

I probably would be less busy if I didn’t catch shows like Explosion in the Sky @ Radio City Music Hall. That place is pimp, and the acoustics is awesome. In fact I think it makes them sound like better than ever.

Time flies. It’s almost con season already. Paranda’s got his lined up. Danie is going to up to 9 shows in May. I’m just going to chill a little. Still up in the air in terms of Japan trip, and what have you. Sigh.

EVE addiction robbing my blog time, and I’ve made no progress on the blog migration. That will come soon enough.