Android and Nokia and Windows and Microsoft

Full disclosure: I run Kaspersky Internet Security on my home LAN. [Maybe I should scrub it for hidden backdoor used by KGB-types or something. Joking.]

So I was like, LOL, when I read about what Eugene Kaspersky had to say about Android. I mean, he said that if HP/Palm, MS, RIM and Apple don’t change their ways in the future, eventually Android will dominate 80% of market.

I think this is what a fair number of us are thinking when we see Android’s adaptation approach. At MWC this year the word “ecosystem” is thrown around a bit, and I think if we were to compare ecosystems, not OS, I think we would be left with just 3 real players: WP7, iOS and Android. Once we realize only one out of the three are free for manufacturers to make (if you think the Java suit in Android is a problem, wait until Microsoft jacks up the cost of their walled garden), it does smell like the 1980s all over again, with those IBM PCs running DOS…

Now this is just one opinion, but I feel in Europe where people care a lot more about this sort of “freeness” that Android offers, the opinion Kaspersky offered is a popular one. It is no surprise one of the more renowned Russian hacker-types would say exactly this. Europe is also Nokia’s biggest stronghold, at least if we talk about their high-end devices (to cop Elop’s 3-tier division in his leaked memo).

I’m sure we can make an OS-war analogy to what happened in the late 80s. Will Microsoft (now devoid of Gates) strike gold again? This is quite an exciting era for mobile computing because things could very well play out exactly how it did with PC computing…

All this is to say, yeah, I would have sold my Nokia stock too if I had any. 25%!