Wang vs. Chen

I kind of want to catch some baseball this season for all the Asian sensation!

The newly acquired gun from Japan, Wei-Yin Chen, is pitching to a 2.4something ERA for the resurging Orioles. I’m slated to catch a day game at Camden Yards later this summer, but I want to point out the potential Taiwanese match-up during interleague play later this year, now that Chien-Ming Wang is kind of healthy, and is doing well in his rehab start.

Interleague play for Nats and Orioles conclude in the series on 6/22 to 6/24 at Camden Yards.┬áMan, I’d hit up one of those games that weekend if this match is to happen. And wear some NYY Wang crap to the game. LOL. Anyway, it would be fitting and lightly ironic if Wang gets a win in that series, considering how it came to be when he first got hurt during that fateful interleague game back in the 2008 season.

I DVR’d the Darvish vs. Kuroda game already, that one is pretty sweet. And goes to show how rare this kind of matchup is. I think given how they are AL/NL teams, that they’re “neighboring” teams is the only blessing in an otherwise impossible-to-match situation. Well, the Rangers do play the Yankees quite a few times over the season so I guess that is unavoidable. Hopefully we’ll get to see a good Kuroda vs. Chen game as well as a Chen vs. Darvish match.

All these AZN pitchers are not letting their brothers down, at least.